The Back2Work program provides customized training, continuing education, community resources and connectivity, as well as a mentor for those we serve working to become self-sufficient.  During this time, students will be preparing to re-enter the workforce.  Through programming at St. Vincent de Paul, specific skills and benchmarks around employment preparation, healthy relationships at home and work, financial literacy, career readiness, an assigned mentor, and employment or preparation for employment in a desired position will be attained.

St. Vincent de Paul has developed a four-step curriculum to prepare and align people seeking employment in the trades with entry-level employment to employers who can provide access to pre-apprentice, apprentice and journey career pathways.  Its design is unique, yet replicable training program to assist people in need return to work.  While the concept of short-term employment training is not new, St. Vincent de Paul created and tested a pilot program linking classroom training, on-the-job training and employment in way that has not ever been attempted in our regional market, or nationally to our knowledge.

Additionally, we have been able to develop toolkits, curriculum, resources, branding, and marketing materials that are replicable at the National level.  SVdP has had many successes in helping people think, act, and behave more positively and productively while reaching towards their God-given potential.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment of support and wrap-around services to participants who have multiple barriers keeping them from secure employment at a livable wage. We assist them in accessing resources that may otherwise seem to be unavailable to secure and help them become self-sufficient adults. 

While many Governmental, secular non-profits, and religious agencies also focus on securing employment, few have the National reach, scope, and wrap-around services capacity that SVdP is capable of providing, such as food, clothing and furniture pantries, continuing education, financial assistance, mentors, partnerships and collaboration with other like-minded community agencies, and much more.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an equal opportunity service provider. Services at each site is not standardized around the country but our Vincentians, staff and volunteer members, provide services as best they can with the resources at their disposal. Not all sites are designated Back2Work sites, nor provide all services listed above. Please check which services are available in your locality. Back2Work sites are listed on this website. Other Society of St. Vincent de Paul service sites throughout the country can be found on our National website at www.svdpusa.org.

Download a copy of our informational flyer here: